Sunday, September 21, 2008


Mayor England broke ground on the Spring St Hill project Friday. I know many people pushed for this street to be opened because it is one of the roads to access Silver Hills. I understand that they need quick access in case of a fire or someone needs an ambulance.

I just wish they had replaced the fire station on West Main which was torn down to accommodate the waste treatment plant expansion.

The Spring St. Hill road repair will cost $1,325,000. That's a lot of TIF money and block grants. How many people will this help? Yes, I know this was a campaign promise. But I can't help but wonder what could be done for the entire first district with ONE MILLION, THREE HUNDRED TWENTY FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS! I can't even imagine. Just think what could be done to help Pine View School, open a community center, create a park (with a playground), repair/restore/replace dilapidated houses, the list goes on. Call me a dreamer (or a fool).