Friday, July 17, 2009


I am sure this is what many attendees of last night's council meeting are saying now. Many residents told their stories of having flooded basements, even sewage in their homes and pleaded with the council for help. Many council members were obviously disturbed by these stories and accompanying pictures.

It is a terrible shame that people have to live like this, losing countless thousands of dollars and living in unsafe homes that are unsellable. Thankfully the resolution passed 9-0 that would free up funds to reimburse these people. Also Attny Shane Gibson promised to look into these claims and forward them to the city's insurance company. The residents also filed Tort Claims to help reclaim some of the lost funds.

The other major item on the agenda was the Ordinance to allocate $1,000,000 to hire 10 new police officers. After the first vote failed to pass, CM Messer asked that the Ordinance be amended to be reduced to $500,000 and hire 5 new police officers. CM Caesar changed his vote to aye and the Ordinance passed 5-4. Voting aye were CM's Caesar, Benedetti, Messer, Zurschmeide and Coffey.