Monday, March 1, 2010


There were only two items on the agenda tonight, so our city council meeting only lasted about 40 minutes.

The items in question were:
G-10-02 Ordinance Establishing a Full-Time Common Council Attorney. There was quite a bit of discussion both pro and con. Mr. Coffey and Mr. Price both stated that they had nothing against the candidate but with the city budget in the condition it is they did not see a need for a full time attorney at this time.

Mr. Gonder did not believe that the city was served by a part time attorney. He mentioned all of the questions about the sewers, cleaning up the ordinance book, and people questioning our local government's integrity. He added that there is a need to search out ways to utilize the attorney.

The ordinance was voted down 5-4 with Mr. Coffey, Mr. Price, Mr. McLaughlin, Mr. Gahan, and Mr. Zurschmeide voting against.

The second agenda item was
R-10-06 Resolution To Purchase Garbage Lids, and Lid Replacements along with Installation of New Lids From The Riverboat Fund. Mr. Malysz said the Mayor had requested this item be added to the agenda. There was discussion on this issue also but after establishing that the city owns these cans and is obligated to maintain them the resolution passed with a show of hands.

During the comments from the city officials, Mr. Malysz mentioned that the Mayor is interested in re-establishing a Human Rights Commission since there have been a few issues in the past couple of years that would warrant such. Sounds like an interesting idea to me.