Saturday, February 12, 2011


The "Tribune" reported that residents will be able to receive funding to repair their homes even if they are still living in them. 

New Directions Housing Corp. is making funds available for emergency repairs.  The amounts go up to $5,000 and are available to homeowners with a combined household income totaling 80% or less than the New Albany average.  That comes out to $49,450 for a family of four, per Daniel Suddeath's article.  Deputy Mayor Carl Malysz encourage residents to contact the New Directions office for more information.
Their number is (502) 589-2272.

This is administered through the New Albany Redevelopment Commission (812) 948-5333. So I would suggest that homeowners call each department to obtain as much help as is available.

Executive Director Joe Gleissner spoke about obtaining additional grant funding during the 2/7/11 city council meeting.  CM Messer asked about the homeowners who needed repairs to their roof or other areas.  He said that the grant funds should be shared with these people.  Mr. Gleissner said that legally the funds must be used only for vacant properties.  He offered to make an effort to let resident of the SEJ neighborhood know what funds are available to them.

We need to help Mr. Gleissner with this effort.  And we need to tell residents in other neighborhoods about New Directions.