Saturday, August 1, 2009


Single Payer will come to the House for a vote. Speaker Pelosi has promised that HR676 will come before the entire House of Representatives.

This happened because of all of the hard work of so many people. But we must keep up the good work.

The Washington trip was considered a success by everyone I talked to. There was a rally where Rep.Conyers and several others spoke out for Single Payer.

Our group also split into the Indiana delegation and Kentucky delegation. The Indiana people met with representatives of Senators Lugar and Bayh. Neither of our senators are in the health care committees so their influence is limited but their representatives were very gracious and listened to our concerns. Others in the Indiana group met with Rep. Baron Hill. Three members arrived early and were able to speak with Mr. Hill personally and the rest met with his representative. They reported that Mr. Hill was also very gracious and met with them for several minutes before being called into a meeting.

The Kentucky group also reported success. They met with their Representatives also. The most entertaining part was when several of us went to Senator Mitch O'Connell's office. The Kentuckians had a petition with over 7,000 signatures all taped together. It was quite a sight, they even had a couple of police officers in the hallway. But his representatives were also very gracious and even allowed themselves to be photographed with the petitions.

All in all in was a fun and educational trip.