Monday, October 6, 2008


Tonight's City Council meeting is short but sounds interesting.

First of all Mr. Messer is sponsoring a resolution to transfer emergency funds to meet the payroll. R-08-41 It seems that since the property tax bills are so late in being prepared and mailed the property owners have not sent any money. Surprise Surprise.

I don't work in the City-County building but for the sake of those who do I hope the Council does not delay his resolution. Somehow I don't think these people's mortgage companies, and other creditors would be especially understanding during these times. And can you imagine going to Kroger with an I.O.U. to pay for your groceries?

As far as A-08-14 and G-08-09 I'm not clear on these two, they will just have to wait until tonight.

I'll be sure to take notes and pass the word along about the meeting. Please come to the meeting if you can, the more the merrier.