Wednesday, December 8, 2010


The Mayor was the first to speak at the podium Monday evening. These are the points he made:

  • The city will continue to pick up leaves until 12/23/10
  • There is a study being done on our ambulance service.
  • We need to combine the city and county 911 systems.

CM Coffey asked Atty Rick Fox to explain the judgement on the sewer utility against the city. Our City Attorney, Shane Gibson, helped explain the situation. There is a judgement and they want to collect. There have been negotiations with Gibson and Fox and others and it will soon be satisfied. CM Coffey wants to pay and then sue the sewer utility for the money. Mr. Gibson thinks this is silly and added that he hoped to have a resolution by the next council meeting.

Building Commissioner, David Brewer spoke about our code enforcement. With our two officers there have been 68 issues, 35 called in, 3 by email, and 2 in person. All have been resolved. Additionally, there are 18 buildings which may be demolished if they are not repaired.

The only speaker from the public was Peter Farmer, president of Main St. Preservation. He spoke against G-10-21 (Dissolution of the Historic Preservation Commission)

Next up were the votes:

A-10-13 Transfer 1.7 million from EDIT for General Fund expenses. The reason being that TIF funds cannot be used for certain projects. The vote was 6 yes and 3 no (CM's Coffey,Price, and Gahan). Same results on the second reading.

A-10-12 Ordinance for the transfer of $200,000 from the Cumulative Capital Improvement Fund to the General Fund. (Goes to cash deficit, not an appropriation, money goes to the rolling deficit) This was the 3rd reading and it passed 9-0

G-20-21 Dissolving the Historic Preservation Commission: failed 7 no, 1 yes, CM Price, and 1 abstain CM Coffey.

Finally the Resolution to adopt a Fiscal Plan for the Annexation passed 7 yes and 2 no CM Coffey and Price. The annexation will not take effect until January 1, 2014.

On a personal note, the meeting went pretty smoothly. The microphones seemed to have been set at a lower volume, or maybe it was just my imagination.