Monday, November 10, 2008


I will not be able to attend the city council meeting Thursday 11/20 but I did speak out in support of the budget cuts for the police, fire and board of works departments at the last meeting. Everyone listened attentively and there were no negative comments. For that I was thankful.

I have reprinted my notes below. Will these cuts be enough? Are we asking too much of a sacrifice? Please add your opinion.



"I am here to speak about the ordinance which involves asking the police, fire department and board of works to cut expenses by $70,000 per year.

The police and fire departments budgets take up 84% of the general fund. While the other departments are asked to tighten their belts these two departments are given raises. Every department needs to trim expenses.

I know CM Price has advocated restrictions on the take home police cars and I agree with him on this issue. Fortunately gas prices have dropped by $2.00 a gallon, so the amount the police need to pay for the use of the cars after hours has been cut nearly in half.

Additionally overtime is another problem. We need to hire more police officers and fire fighters so the current employees can work their normal shifts. Maybe if these ideas are implemented we can come closer to meeting our budget for this year."