Thursday, January 10, 2008


Monday night's City Council meeting was short and sweet. The first order of business was the election of the Council President and Vice President. The members chose Jeff Gahan to lead the council again, good idea. And Dan Coffey resumed his role as Vice President. He leaned over to Mr. Gahan and told him to make sure he was not absent at any meetings. I can't say I blame him.

Everyone was so courteous it was a real pleasure to be in attendance. Coffey and Messer did not even have a small squirmish much less a battle. Blevins was not there to argue with Zurschmeide. (Nothing against Mr. Blevins).

Everyone seems to be talking about Diane Benneditti and her decision not to recuse herself or abstain on the matter concernig her brother. This aside, she seemed to have done her homework and was not afraid to ask questions.
I don't know much about her but I was impressed. She seems to have opinions and is not afraid to express them.

Our "re-new" mayor was very jovial also. He talked mainly to the citizens in attendance instead of the council. (He did apologize to the council for turning his back on them). His main concern seemed to be that the council and the attendees respect each other. I could not agree more. The last four years were a real circus as everybody knows. Maybe everyone will grow up and act like adults.

As I said, this meeting was short and sweet. Maybe this is the beginning of a long friendship.