Saturday, January 15, 2011


Rep. Tom Saunders R-District 54 has introduced a bill which would ban employees from serving in two capacities in the city or county.  In other words, Councilmen Jack Messer and Ted Heavrin would not be able to retain their positions as police officers and run for public office.  I think this is a bill that should have been passed a hundred years ago.

Now readers, before you get all upset, let me explain that I was only using CM's Messer and Heavrin as examples.  I have nothing against either of these men personally but they are city and county police officers and currently serve on the city and county councils respectively.

As you probably know, any Federal employee cannot serve as an elected public servant.  If a postal worker cannot be an elected official why should a police officer, or a city sanitation worker, or street department employee?  I have always thought this was unfair.  To me it seems like a conflict  of interest.  I know the above mentioned council members always abstain from voting on matters such as salary, but they are still drawing two paychecks from the same local government, which I have heard many people refer to as "double dipping".

So, I want to say that I am thankful to Rep. Saunders for introducing this bill and Rep. Ed Clere for his support.