Friday, June 13, 2008


I was very disappointed with the Redevelopment Commission when I read this article in Wednesday's Tribune City Will Study Increasing East End Home Ownership.

I don't understand why this study is directed to the East End only. What is wrong with the rest of the city? Is it because this area of town has strong neighborhood associations? Is it because of the citizens who reside in that area? Is it the demographics of that particular area? Was this a payback for political favors?

I want to thank Dan Coffey for speaking up for the West End residents and insisting that we need a study as well. Even though Mr. Joshua (the president of the commission) said the study could be used throughout the city. If that is the case why not have a study throughout the city? If the commission wants to spend nearly $20,000 on one area of town why can't they add a few more dollars and do the job right?

Mr. Coffey is correct in his statement that he is tired of the city advertising for businesses. Yes, we need more business but not just in the East End. The West End could use a little help too people.

I also want to thank Diane Benedetti for voting against this measure. She is right that we need better code enforcement. And she is right about the renters in the city. New Albany has a disaportionate number of renters compared to homeowners. Many of the landlords are absentees and have no civic pride in their properties. And many of the renters have lower incomes and are forced to live in these homes because they cannot afford better housing.

I disagree with Carl Malysz that code enforcement does not affect the housing market. If a property is neglected and run-down it affects the value of the entire neighborhood. That is why there is such a concern about people abandoning their homes. Empty homes are a target for vandals and drug dealers.

I want to ask Mr. Coffey and Mrs. Benedetti to keep up the fight and not give up. I will do anything I can to support you.