Monday, April 21, 2008


I just heard that Barack Obama will make an appearance at IUS Wednesday morning at 10:30.


Realtor Pat Harrison has a great idea. Everybody talks about cleaning up New Albany and many people are doing so with neighborhood cleanups, Saturday 4/19 is a great example.

But Pat's idea covers all of New Albany, she wants everyone to "adopt" a corner and make sure it remains clean and maintained.

Several people met at the corner of Spring and Pearl Saturday at 12:00 the location was the parking lot which was covered with leaves and trash. Some of us brought garbage bags and rakes to assist with the cleanup. Those of us who had selected a corner gave Pat the info, the rest will notify her later.

My corner is at West 7th and Commerce, where the children wait for their school buses. There was a large ditch along the Commerce side. We called the Street Dept. and the problem was solved immediately. But it still needs to be kept clean and grass needs to be planted.

There will be a meeting on tomorrow evening 4/22 at 7:00 at the Realtors Bldg. in Clarksville on Lewis & Clark Blvd. I urge everyone to attend and adopt a corner. Following is a list of contacts to help with maintenance.

Register Corner with
Pat Harrison, Chairperson
(812) 989-4663
Contact Person: New Albany Police Dept., Officer Dooley
Recycling: Mark Burton, 37 W 5th St., New Albany, 948-5356
Auto Tire Disposal: CCE 2045 Silver St., New Albany, 945-8977
Toxic Waste (Fridays): Paint Etc. 837 W. Main St., New Albany, 948-4733
Contact Person: Jeffersonville Police, Officer Jason Jackson