Wednesday, January 26, 2011


I arrived late at the City Council meeting last night.  Sheriff Mills was at the podium talking about the plan for metal detectors  for the City-County Bldg.

The Council did approve a non-binding Resolution which basically says they agree that they are needed.  CM Coffey abstained because he did not see a need for the Resolution since an Ordinance will be ready for voting at the next meeting.

The doors facing Hauss Sq. would be open to the public and where we will have to pass through the detectors.  The employees will be given cards so they can scan them to enter the other doors.

I have been very vocal about my support for this measure and applaud Sheriff Mills for taking the initiative and securing all of the equipment.  The $100,000 will be used for salaries for four additional security officers for this year.  After that the Building Authority will add this cost to the rent.  My husband suggested  that the city and county ask for donations from the Floyd County residents to help pay the cost.  Not a bad idea in my opinion.

Daniel Suddeath has an excellent article in today's "Tribune" with more details.