Monday, December 27, 2010


Baron Hill  is visiting every county in the 9th District, but not to say goodbye.  He started this morning in Salem, and is ending the day in Clarksville, visiting 10 cities in 48 hours.  He called it his "See You Later" tour.  

He stopped by the Floyd County Democratic Headquarters this evening to have a quick but meaningful visit with some of his constituents.  He was very frank and open, as always, and answered our questions. 

He is very concerned about Congress, as are many others.  He said the new Congress Members are mostly newly elected as are many other elected officials, including clerks.  The clerks, many which are untrained, will be in charge of the 2012 elections and there will be mistakes. (Thankfully the voters of Floyd County have re-elected Linda Moeller so we are in good shape.) The untrained Congress Membership is much more frightening.  It's going to be totally new territory for many. 

Baron is unsure about his own future but he has been talking to a lot of people and he is very hopeful. (He did say, however that Betty wants him to stay off the campaign trail for a little while). He promised to stay informed politically and keep us here in New Albany informed as well.  He was happy to say that his staff members are finding new positions, both locally and in Washington.  As he said, that just shows what a good reputation his employees enjoy.

I just want to wish Baron the best here on this blog as I did downtown. Hopefully soon we will have to opportunity to welcome him back into public service. (fingers crossed)