Tuesday, November 2, 2010




Last night's City Council meeting ran rather briskly compared to previous meetings.

Carl Malysz spoke first asking the Council to table R10-29 & R10-30 until after the Planning Commission has their meeting on 11/18.

CM Ceasar asked which streets are scheduled to be paved out of the appropriated million dollars. (I have been wondering that myself. Daisy Lane is still a mess between Green Valley and the top of the hill and now they are milling Coyle Dr.?)

CM Coffey asked Atty Lorch about the research on the TIF districts, if there are leftover funds and how they can be used. He will send his report in the form of a memo. He also wants annexation to be put back on the agenda for the next meeting.

CM Gahan suggested that the unused TIF funds be used for pavement and some of the pavement funds can be moved to public service.

CM McLaughlin asked Mr. Ed Wilkerson (sewer board) about the summer watering program. Mr. Wilkerson replied that the current ordinance is outdated. The Sewer Board is in the process of writing a new ordinance and will be completed in January.

Next were the comments from the public: Maurice King took issue with the changes in the way the Sewer Board plans to change the watering program. He said that people seldom refill their in-ground swimming pools, they add chemicals as necessary. And if they do refill their pools it is done in May rather than June. He wants the watering program to remain from May through September. He also noted that watering one's lawn or garden does not affect sewers in any way.
He went on to say that a $5.00 increase in sewer bills would add over $700,000 to the sewer department's income.

CM Coffey thinks that it is unethical for the same people to sit on the Sewer and the Strormwater Boards.

Next the Resolutions were introduced:

Z-10-05 Plans to build a one story doctors office building on the corner of Daisy Lane (north) and Green Valley Rd. Paul Collings from the Green Triangle Group brought a visual of the proposed building. He said that the drainage problem will be taken care of underground and the present creek will remain with a small bridge for crossing. This received a 9-0 favorable rating from the Planning Commission. CM Benedetti wants to look into the drainage solution before voting to approve.

Votes on first reading 7-2 with CM's Benedetti and Gonder voting no. The second reading produced the same results.

G-10-17 (Ordinance regarding the Historic Preservation Commission) tabled until next meeting.

G-10-20 Synthetic marijuana passed 9-0 on third reading.

R-10-29 and R-10-30 both regarding incentives for companies to install new HVAC systems in two industrial areas. Both failed with a 0-9 vote.

R-10-38 The Budget. tabled until the next meeting because he Council wants to do final tweaking. I told CM Price that I was glad that they take home police car policy will be amended. He said that was one of several money saving measures. I'm proud of our council for taking responsibility with our tax dollars.