Tuesday, November 2, 2010




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Just a few of District 72, House Representative Ed Clere’s accomplishments:

Securing $3,500,000 in federal stimulus money for Georgetown’s wastewater treatment plant. The grant will enable Georgetown to get off New Albany's system. Georgetown will no longer have to depend on New Albany, and New Albany will be free to pursue economic development, which has been severely limited by a lack of available treatment capacity. Town Council President Billy Stewart thanked State Rep. Ed Clere for helping Georgetown secure the grant. (New and Tribune, May 10, 2010)

Aiding in the selection of New Albany for a $6,700,000 grant to improve the S. Ellen Jones neighborhood. Seventy-five properties in the S. Ellen Jones neighborhood have been identified as dilapidated “ we will have the resources to weed out any junk and dilapidated properties in that neighborhood,” Carl Malysz said. (New and Tribune, April 20, 2010)

Assisting in the transfer of 4.5 miles of Ind. 111 to the City of New Albany. The city received $6.125 million from the Indiana Department of Transportation as well as a maintenance garage along Grant Line Road. “This is a big deal,” Carl Malysz said. (New and Tribune, August 4, 2010)

If brought back to the General Assembly, Clere said he will continue to push for funding and legislation for Southern Indiana projects and residents. (New and Tribune, October 17, 2010)

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bye bye shane gibson, losers party at billy goats bankstreet brewhouse cant wait till next year Englands crew is gone you too baird

Anonymous said...

grooms beat you too billy goat lets have a toll pass for billy goat and shane gibson , a one way ticket out of town

Anonymous said...

later baron hill, its no longer your town hall meeting

Anonymous said...

Bye bye Shane. England is next.

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Special thanks to Roger Baylor and his mostly ignorant but proud group of so called progressives.

They, through their reckless political slander of local government officials have greatly contributed to the size of the Floyd County Republican wave.

The Conservative Rag and New Albany Paper has played Baylor like a well rosined fiddle. They have given him the rope and the column inches of which to hang the progressives one by one. Sorry Roger, you have been out flanked by a Republican publisher that has used your pathetic ego to tarnish the party and slaughter your ranks.

Politics are serious business. Nations, cities, towns, and lots and of lives are in play. Mr Baylor, here is some advice: You have been called to lead. So Lead, or get the out of the way.

Iamhoosier said...

Anyone else find it odd that the "winners" are ashamed of admitting it?

Anonymous said...

I have found it more odd that the loser are ashamed of admitting it. The winners are just continuing to show class. Guess that is why they are the winners

Anonymous said...

Baylor is the best thing to happen to improving the local community, his endorsements helped defeat Gibson and Freighburger, keep up the good work Baylor we savor Englands defeat.

Rock On Floyd GOP and Steve Price, next year looks real good, how about leaving for europe like you keep saying Baylor and take all your losers with you.

Little people rule pergressives, I am eating bbq bologna and drinking bud to celeberate tonight, maybe we can offer a little peoples diner down at Bankstreet brewhouse after you leave or go out of business, whichever comes first after all we payed for your sidewalk.

Anonymous said...

ps take adam dickey with you too, I dont think the new congressman needs him, hows that poly sci degree working out for you adam?