Monday, June 28, 2010


After posting the previous topic about annexation I have read your comments and talked to a few people.

The previous article was written in haste without a lot of thought about the ramifications of annexation. Several questions have come to mind which I would like to share at this time. As always your comments and concerns are welcome. All I ask is that everyone keep on topic and do not result to name calling.

  1. If the city will gain approx. $700,000 from the annexation, will the county lose by that amount?
  2. Since the city will lose $40,000 in sewer revenue will our rates go up? Remember the meeting where Mr. Skomp was asked about that and Mr. Fifer said there would have to be a re-negotiation?
  3. What about property tax rates? Aren't they different for the city and the county?
  4. Will this area be incorporated into an existing district? Or will it become District 7? If so how will it be represented?
  5. How can an area be annexed but property inside this area be excluded ie. Northside Christian Church?
  6. Since our police and fire departments are already stretched to the limit, how will the new area of the city be protected? Will a new fire station be needed? If so, how will this be funded?

As I said after careful consideration and reading every one's comments on the previous article, and talking with people who are not on the councils, or hold political offices, these questions came to mind. So far I have not heard clear answers. I know the special council meeting Tuesday is to get the ball rolling but I think we citizens need to ask these questions and I'm sure more that I have not thought of. After all it is our money that will be used. When I wrote the previous article I wanted to start a dialogue. I know I came out in favor of the annexation but now I am having doubts and I think my doubts are justified.


Anonymous said...

With few residential properties, I doubt if there would be a need for redistricting. We actually did redistrict according to a plan put forth in 2007 (though some deny it took place). One can see that there were many precincts shifted around, especially in the North area of the city. However until more residential areas are annexed, I would see no need to change.

Anonymous said...

Many of your questions are answered at

Iamhoosier said...

The county will lose a small amount of tax income but, generally speaking, city taxes are on top of county taxes. Or "in addition" to county taxes, if you prefer.

There will be no redistricting before 2012. Hopefully that council won't have to be sued to force them to do their constitutional duty.

10:53 is correct about the answers at that website.

The New Albanian said...

They might have to be sued to compel meeting attendance.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Shirley, for bringing these questions about the Mayor's
Annexation push plan.

We (including Council) all need to see a forecast report on the future results of this Annexation Plan.

How will it affect City Taxpayers ?

How will it affect County Taxpayers ?

Anonymous said...

I PROBABLY JUST DO NOT UNDERSTAND THIS. So the net to the city will be $566,440.Payable in 2013. Sooooooo who foots the bills until that money comes in? As it stands right now our general fund does not support the city. The crackerjack gang of five passed two unbalanced budgets. THIS IS A ONE YEAR PLAN,WITH THE MONEY COMING IN MORE THAN TWO YEARS AFTER ANNEXATION IS COMPLETE.LIKE I SAID BEFORE WHERE IS THE MONEY COMING FROM DURING THE 2.5 YEAR WAIT. Do not get me wrong, I am for the annexation. But all of these figures are based on one year. Notice there are know projections down the road, income or COSTS.

Anonymous said...

Isn't Charlestown Road already a TIF area?

Anonymous said...

Randy's Annexation 101 came from the pages of Resolution R-10-18 but he did not give all the facts.

Likr the previous person ask, whose going to pay for services and highes sewert bills and etc. The street department only have 8 employees how are they going to maintain the additional area? Will alll this affect our service? Yes! Will these businesses property taxes go up? Yes, unless they give them tax abatements and England will. How can we take care of their sewers when we can't take care of ours? This is a jam it down your throat "LOIT Tax!"

Even England told Councilman Price without the LOIT Tax annexation would cost us and fail.

So do we not have a vested interest in this deal? Yes, can we afford additional fees, higher Taxes and an additional tax? NO!

So Mr.Annexation 101 instead of painting a we're going to make money off this deal how about telling the truth. But than again you've always been the mouth piece for Doug and Carl. It's time you done your homework when you copied exactly what was handed out to the council.

Isn't that plagiarism?

The Review Draft was done by CROWE HORWATH LLP. June 22, 2010

Who approved this plan to be paid for with my tax dollars?

Anonymous said...

Tax abatements aren't available for retailers. So you're wrong there.

The annexation adds 1 mile of streets. Don't think Mickey's crew will even notice 1 more mile on 156 total miles.

City must provide services beginning in 2013, the same year taxes come in.

Fire district is the bithc, but department says no new costs anyway. And we're already giving sewer service.

See an eye doctor.

Anonymous said...

Walmart got a tax abatement through Overton. So stop lying, Walmart is a retailer!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know what it says I have a copy of R-10-18 and my glasses are just find and thanks for mentioning them.

My question is this: how are we going to afford them service in (1) year?

Anonymous said...

Did you ever wonder if maybe Doug and Carl aren't Randy's mouthpieces?

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

is the portion of charlestown road to be annexed a tif? if so then any increase in property taxes from additional development in that area would go into a tif which could not be used for general govt services and would not help the general fund. can the portion that would go to the general fund (maximum $700,00 a year?) support the cost of required govt services for 20+ years until the tif is abolished?

if it is not a tif area how do we know the city wont make it into one? we know they love them tifs!

Anonymous said...

how about some moderation, please?
this insults are getting more and more stupid.

Anonymous said...

so if annexation goes through, the city might not have to raise sewer rates as much next time there's a crisis. you'd think coffey and price would be all for this.

so the objection is that it doesn't bring in money in year one? are you freaking kidding me?

talk about 'penny wise pound foolish.' good grief! this is pound foolish at its height!

Anonymous said...

the TIF are does not cover that part of charlestown rd.

charlestown rd is a big, long road, ya' know!

Sell it to someone else said...

If the Mayor says we will collect X amount of dollars and some of you say it's free money. What is it really going to cost us?

Maybe, some of you haven't been taught nothing is free in this town unless your a business owner downtown.

shirley baird said...

Several people have expressed concerns about the annexation. Please attend the meeting tonight and tell the council how you feel.

Anonymous said...

Why not annex those apartments behind tumbleweed and the commercial development? They are a business. At least when it was about property tax caps most thought they were a business.Why shouldn't we bring the church in and get the storm water fees rather than give them to the county?