Thursday, September 16, 2010


I was a surprisingly short City Council meeting tonight. There was a news crew from Fox 41 News but they had nothing to report, so they packed up early.

The big news, of course, was G-10-18: The Ordinance setting salaries for the year 2011 for the Police and Fire Depts. The Council let the Administration know where they stood on this on. They noted NO. Mr. Zurschmeide was absent but the rest were all on the same page.

Up next was G-10-19 (non bargaining unit employees), this one was tabled.

Then we had the resident only parking areas ordinance G-10-01. Surprisingly, there was a lot of discussion on this one. It was finally tabled until the council can agree on the initial fee, fines for non-compliance, and other issues.

After that CM Messer motioned for adjournment, I don't know who seconded because everyone was making a bee line for the door, me included. The time was 8:29.


Anonymous said...

Shirley, welcome back and thanks for the overview of the council meeting. Certainly much better than those idiots over at NA Confidential who have to try and build their egos by attempting to make fun of others with "It's time for another city council caption contest!"

Those folks are just complete idiots and people wonder why New Albany is the way it is. Quite the mature and high class new albians those folks think they are:

Matthew Nash
Jeff Gillenwater
The Bookseller
edward parish
The New Albanian
B.W. Smith

Amy said...

Steve Price's disheveled appearance when he comes into City Council meetings shows that there is a part of him that does not take his position seriously. That's the joke.

If he doesn't take it seriously, we wont either.

shirley baird said...

Anon 8:46

I don't care if you are a fan of this Administration or any other I cannot have slander/libel (whichever) on this blog.

Anonymous said...

Now you wonder why no one is posting. You slant towards the progressives just to get votes.

Anonymous said...

Shirley Running for Election Baird,

The truth is not slander.

We all know Doug England and Roger Baylor and your political inspirations run this site.

Get over yourself and change the name of this blog from "Voice of the People" to "I am running for election like the rest of the jacklegs on the above list and I'll do and say anything to get myself elected so please remember my name and all the effort I have invested for the last 2 years and elect me, please."

Sometimes the truth hurts, but in the end, we all must face it.

Iamhoosier said...

If all that you write is so true, why are you hiding? No courage of your convictions? Or just afraid of being convicted?

shirley baird said...



Even if you believe what you said to be true, I cannot let statements like that stay on this blog or I may be shut down.

If you don't like me or what I write, I can't help it. I write what I believe and no one tells me what to say. If you don't believe me, then that is your decision.

I have the feeling that you are someone who is planning to run for office yourself and are trying to discredit me. Fine. But remember you can't get votes yourself if no one knows who you are.

RememberCharlemagne said...

Shirley, yesterday Mayor England announced that he was running for a 4th term what are your thoughts?

Anonymous said...

Shirley ain't going to touch that question with a ten foot pole. Good question though.

shirley baird said...


Yes, I heard that Mayor England made his announcement last night. He had mentioned the possibility at a council meeting a few months ago so I was not surprised.

As far as who I plan to vote for, I don't know yet. I have a busy year ahead myself so I've not given much thought to the Mayoral candidates. I don't mean to sound vague but that's the way I feel now.

We need to get our current candidates elected this year, such as Baron, Chuck, Sam, Vop, Pete, Shane, Paul, Kevin, Linda, Patricia, and the others who's names do not come to mind at this moment.

RememberCharlemagne said...



Anonymous said...


Are you really going to run against Diane Benedetti? The last person she thought might run against her she just had them investigated.

Her words not mine.

Doesn't that sound like Mr. Mafia (England) himself?

RememberCharlemagne said...

I'm 50/50

Plus, I may not be able to run come next year. I’ll have to see if I can do the job the way I expect the job needs to be done. That is hard to do with a young family.

My biggest concern is finding and supporting the best mayoral candidate. Is Doug the best? I won't know until someone steps forward to compare.

Right now anyone would be better because what I’m having to go through, with the city, to plant a few trees in the neighborhood is ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

Genial brief and this enter helped me alot in my college assignement. Gratefulness you on your information.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure Jameson doesnt wan't his dirty past to come out. It will if he runs.

shirley baird said...

Anon 10:03

Come on now, do you have to degrade everybody?

Anonymous said...

Everyone has a dirty past. And why would you let that comment stay on there but others are deleted?

RememberCharlemagne said...

I'm not old enough to have a dirty past. :)

Iamhoosier said...

Why do you hate old people? (vbg)

Anonymous said...

Jameson, my understanding is that you had a conversation with Diane Benedetti about 6 months ago. You were going to run for Council-At-Large. Now you are going to run against her. So which is it?