Monday, April 23, 2012


I apologize for not posting on the most recent city council meetings.  Until there was a comment last week about an ordinance I did not know if anyone was reading this blog.

Lately, there have been so many postponements and tabled ordinances there is not a lot to write about,  Here is the update so far.

G-12-04 the Bond Issue for $6 Million Dollars passed 9-0.  I know this is a huge amount of money but these repairs are necessary.

G-12-05 The Parks Board Ordinance passed 5-4.  As you probably read in the "Tribune" I was one of the five supporters.  This will be revisited in August and the County Council is supposed to pay their share of the funds necessary to keep our parks open and in order.

These have been tabled:

G-12-06 Ordinance for the Appropriation to Unsafe Building Fund from Rainy Day Fund.
Mr. Zurschmeide wants time to collect more information.

G-12-07 An Ordinance Establishing the City of New Albany Ethics Commission. Mr. Gonder tabled this after Mr. Robison wanted to work with Mr. Lorch to tweak this Ordinance.

A-12-03 Appropriation for Spring St. Hill Road Repairs. Mr Caesar tabled this again because we do not have the final report from the second engineering group.

I know it looks like the Council is moving slowly, and maybe we are, but we all want to have all of the information available before voting on these important issues.

Again, I am asking for your input.  How would you vote on these issues?  And why?

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Anonymous said...

Shirley, the best advice I can give you is to think for yourself, but if you can't, at least align yourself with John, Pat, Greg & Scott, instead of blindly following Diane, Dan, Kevin & Bob, none of whom are worthy of much respect.