Sunday, November 8, 2009


The Health Care Plan HR 3962 passed the House last night. As John Gonder said, "Saturday's vote was just the beginning of the process but it's a good beginning".

I was so supportive of HR676 that I was severely disappointed when it was taken off of the table, even though everyone, including myself, knew that the country was not ready for such a change. Even though everyone would have benefited from this plan.

I hear Senator Sanders will revive "single payer" in the Senate and possible bring it up for a vote. Maybe real reform is not dead. We can only hope.


Anonymous said...

See CJ:

New Albany city councilwoman charged with driving while intoxicated

The New Albanian said...

There goes the health care thread.

Anonymous said...

it seems to me that the anti-health reform folks are arguing that all government activities are bad. the teabaggers seem to be bashing public education left and right.

is THAT the future of the republic party? anti-public education?

teabaggers claim they don't benefit from public education if they dont have kids in school and thus shouldnt have to pay taxes for public school. what a stinky pile of B.S.

hey teabaggers! listen up!
your doctors went to public schools, the engineers who design you roads, computers, buildings, they all went to public schools.
think how much your computer would cost if the computer company could only hire people who attended private schools their whole lives. think the company isn't going to pass that cost on to you?

public education benefits EVERYONE.

much of the same can be said for public healthcare. companies pass along the costs. yeah, your taxes might go up for a public option. but guess what, those private insurance charges taken out of your paycheck will go down.

there always are costs we don't see too. how many uninsured and under-insured aren't choose not to get a flu shot because they don't want to spend the extra money. they save money, get sick, and then spread their germs around to everyone else. that runs up healthcare costs for the people will gold plated health insurance too.

Anonymous said...

Yes, New Albanian. The story gets more interesting when you find out the company she had.

Two more elected officials.

Thank you Shirley. I am so pleased the health care plan passed, also. For someone with NO insurance I am looking forward to the benefits for me. Does it mean I can buy insurance based on an a sliding scale? Obama specifically mentioned the 100's of thousands who die in our country due to lack of insurance.

Good job.

Anonymous said...

Who were the two other elected officials or are we just trying to make the story juicier?

Christopher D said...

It is a good step in the right direction.
NOthing could make me happier than being forced to find a new job because there is no need for indigent care medical clinics in the future.

Christopher D said...

Anon November 8, 2009 1:06 PM

No insurance?

If you live in FLoyd County call 941-1701

Clark County 283-2308

Harrison county 812-738-7576

Fees based on sliding scale.

Comprehensive, affordable medical, dental, vision and prescription care.

shirley baird said...

Thank you Chris, you clinic is doing a very valuable service.

Anonymous said...

Ms. McCartin-Benedetti refused all chemical tests. The written policy of the Floyd County Jail is, if someone refuses the chemical tests they have a 24 hour hold in jail with no bond. Judge Glen Hancock released Ms. McCartin-Benedetti at 10:30 on Saturday morning without posting bail. Judge Hancock and Ms. McCartin-Benedetti are close friends and political allies. The regular “Joe” would not be released for refusing a chemical test. The question needs to asked.... why is this going on in New Albany?

Anonymous said...

I heard tonight she is going to apologize. I personally think she needs to resign. Hanncock is one of her daddy's close friends.

Anonymous said...

People make mistakes all the time. While what she did is not favorable, it does not mean she cannot perform as a councilwoman.

Plus there are councilmen that have done much worse. And who wouldn't want to benefit from a little "favor".

Christopher D said...

"Ms. McCartin-Benedetti refused all chemical tests. The written policy of the Floyd County Jail is, if someone refuses the chemical tests they have a 24 hour hold in jail with no bond..."

Same post on the CJ's website, word for word, punctuation for punctuation, thought this was a healthcare thread, bigjoe805

At ace hardware today, I could not help but shake my head in definate disapproval as a woman was talking to a older man regarding his letter to the editor.

The manner in which they were blasting healthcare reform was sickening.... I was just waiting for the good old "why dont these bums just get REAL jobs..."

Christopher D said...

The thanks is also owed to your office, your staff and your Docs for gnerously providing care to those who need it!

shirley baird said...

I was sickened this morning on the news when someone mentioned that after you discount for the "illegal aliens" and underinsured people the leaves "just" 12 million uninsured people.

I wondered aloud how this woman would feel if she was one of the 12million.

What is wrong with these people?

(rhetorical question)

Christopher D said...

I can not for the life of me figure that question out.
People kust do not stop to think it is not just people who dont want to work that do not have insurance.

There are small business owners, somall business employees, and those who had been diagnosed with previous serious illnesses who have been deemed "uninsurable".

It should not matter is there are 100 million, or 100 persons in this country with out insurance, a country should be jusdged by how it treats and cares for its most vunerable citizens, and to date we have better infrastructure and laws to protect stray animals than we do our uninsured / underinsured.

Anonymous said...

Of the 12 million uninsured people, how many had the option of taking insurance, but refused. How many of those decided on their own that they would 'never' need insurance and wanted the money to spend otherwise; and how many of those decided that they could not afford the insurance. The definition of 'could not afford the insurance' is different for many people.

Christopher D said...

Anon 9:26

Apples and oranges, and a statement straight fomr the tea party playbook.

Answer me this, if of those 12 million, 5 million COULD have had insurance, do we continue to overlook the other 7 million (which for a matter of clarity the estimated number of uninsured / underinsured is nearly mroe than DOUBLE the population of the entire state of Indiana)

What if that number of those who did not have a choice was only 250,000?

If we have a single person who is unable to have health coverage, then we need to act.

Wuit trying to muddy the waters with trumped up, overplayed, semi-facts.

Even a better question: What if it were you? or your spouse, or your child? What if you had been diagnosed with cancer, and dropped by your current carrier? and you listed as uninsurable? would you feel the same way?

I am not at all for "handouts" in this matter, but I am for a hand up as a stop gap between the insured, and the undersinsured, uninsurable

shirley baird said...

Anon 9:26

I can't answer that question as well as Chris did but I want to put my 2 cents in anyway.

You make it sound like people choose to go without insurance because they think they'll never be sick. Some people may feel that way but the majority of them don't. Some employers are not able to pay a large percentage of the premium so the employees are left with huge premiums. What if their net pay is only $300.00 a week and their insurance would be an additional $50.00?

Would that be considered someone who chose not to be covered? A premium of $200.00 a month might be afforable to you but not to someone who only has a net income of $1200.00 to pay housing, utilities, food, gas, car insurance, and may even have children to support.

Sometimes people can't help their circumstances. Not everyone is a lazy bum.

Anonymous said...

Yes, there are people in their 20s and 30s, who choose to carry no health insurance. Also, those in college, not on their parents insurance plans, sometimes refuse insurance because they have other expenses. Who is going to decide what is affordable? There may be even higher premiums to pay! We need specifics. Perhaps all Cancer patients need to be covered in a government covered group. But then who will decide their treatment? Would doctors be advised to limit treatment options or "punished" if they suggested expensive treatments? Would there be a death panel that cancer patients and their families would fear?
What are the specifics of the Medicare changes that are proposed? Medicare patients going to get fewer services or pay even more? AARP supplemental plans going to cost more to buy? Is that why AARP supported the House Bill?
There is too much uncertainty and in the end may be worse than the bailouts! Demand to know the specifics before you commit.

Iamhoosier said...

And just as soon as that uninsured person needs medical treatment, we all still pay. Why not just go ahead and get(or make, if you prefer)everybody on insurance to start with?

Health care is rationed now by corporations. You really trust a company that is trying to make profit targets every 3 months?

Will it cost more? Yes. Hasn't it every year? Yes.

There is not going to be reform that covers everybody, assures portability, and costs less. It can't be done.

Christopher D said...

Here is what I know, and why I am committed:

Millions of Americans are forced to choose between health care and basics such as food, utilities, shelter.

Thousands upon thousands die every year because of lack of treatment for easily managable conditions.

Individuals with severe mental illnesses end up living in the streets becasue they can not work, can not understand how to obtain state subsidized coverage, and some of those will end up dying alone in the streets when they could have been managed and treated with therapy and pharmaceuticals.

"Death Panels" are a ridiculus idea. REASONABLE health care measures provided based on the totality of the circumstance are needed.

Free for all health care is not sensable or obtainable. Coverage for the "uninsurable" to obtain treatments on par with current treatment protocals is warranted.

regulations to allow small businesses to form "co-ops" to obtain insurance for employees and employees families at a competative, affordable price that does not cripple the profitability of said small businesses are needed.

Certain tax incentives for caregivers who are willing to treat and maintain indigent patients is needed. (not every practitioner is willing to accept the satisfaction of helping someone in need as a reasonable payment, after all, most practitioners are a "small business" also.

As far as "punishments" for exceeding standard treatment protocals, the standard of care should be set by current therapeutic data, customized for the individual, and dispensed in a rational, reasonable measure.

The VERY best way to limit the need for this treatment protocals would be something unique, something revolutionary, its called access to SCREENINGS AND EARLY DETECTION, not be reactionary to later staged developed malignancies.

Please stop muddying the water by throwing out nothing but worse case scenarios presented in a reactionary manner, and start looking at what can be prevented by comprehensive health care, with emphasis on preventative screenings, education, early detection, and detailed management of the most prominent conditions that become more exspensive to treat and maintain as the condition progresses (diabetes, morbid obestity, prostate and breast cancers, asthma, CHF, COPD, Etc.)

By the way, Anon, are you a member of the medical community or are you another armchair politics health care "advocate"?

Christopher D said...

By the way anon, again, if you dont think that you all ready pay for the healthcare for the medically indigent, you are sadly misinformed and mistaken.
You pay for their care through increased insurance premiums, higher hospital and doctors office fees, higher prices on your prescriptions, durable medical goods, lab tests, diagnostics, etc.

The unrecoverable cost for treating the uninsured / underinsured is passed on to you, me and everybody all ready by for profit companies.

Anonymous said...

So what will the 10.2% unemployeed citizens do when they have to make the choice between healthcare or their montly rent or mortgage?

You can't get blood out of a turnip.

Christopher D said...

Why should they have to choose?

Who are we to force such choices on them, because we feel like health care reform is "left wing" agenda to strip us of our freedom, return to the peasant class, endentured servitude, line seniors up on the streets and gun them down on their 65th birthday and all of the other propagana being spread by the Limbaughisms

shirley baird said...

Anon 3:14

The 10.2% unemployed just pray that they don't get sick. Because if they do they are forced to go to the ER and run up a huge bill. If they find a job later chances are they will be sued by the hosp. and their wages garnished.

Nobody buys the old turnip excuse. Just hope you are not ever in that situation.

Anonymous said...

How many people are covered through the Medicaid program in the state of Indiana?

Iamhoosier said...

They will get assistance for the medical insurance. That is what "reform" is all about. Making sure that everyone has access to healthcare coverage. It's much easier and cheaper to have "those people" all ready in the system than paying higher ER rates, etc. Taxpayers are already paying for this through Medicaid and such programs. Let's do something better and cheaper for a change.

Christopher D said...

Anon 4:24
That is a VERY good question, but finding the answer will be extremely difficult, as there are many different "forms of Indiana Medicaid including but not limited to:

*Healthy Indiana Plan (HIP)

*Hoosier Healthwise

*Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP)

*Care Select


As well as Medicaid Waivers (Aged and disabled Waivers and Traumatic brain injury waivers, Autism Waivers, Developmental disabilities waivers, and Support Services Waivers)

Getting a total number included in these subsidized services is difficult at the least, because one also has to figure in cases where a person may have some type of Medicaid but primarily covered "privatized supplemental plan"

Some estimates say that total enrollment is over 750,000 Hoosiers. BUT that as it may be sounds grim, but a large portion of those persons may have the insurance, but are able to work and do so with a very large spend down, high deductibles, and large co pays.

So one could say that there are over 3/4 of a million Hoosiers on Medicaid.

But it is a truly difficult system to navigate, let alone develop an accurate statistical number since most of the services have been contracted out by the state to private companies to manage.

Anonymous said...

From the Tribune:

Coffey said McCartin-Benedetti’s arrest underscores a growing problem in New Albany.

“If you look at all the development downtown, it’s all been alcohol establishments,” Coffey said. “Downtown is just saturated with them.”

The New Albanian said...

Coffey's a perpetual non-entity, but we'll take him at his caterwauling word and concede that yes, there are a few places downtown selling alcoholic beverages.

Of course, this has nothing whatsoever to do with the arrest of the council woman, but rarely does a nonsensical Coffey utterance correspond with reality outside of his pre-determined grandstanding needs.

These downtown food and beverage establishments, which Coffey can be expected to demonize, have been enabled by the state's riverfront development area exemption. The development area must be established by city council vote.

That's right, and the city council duly approved it in 2006 by unanimous vote.

Yes, and that means Coffey voted for it three years ago. Now that he sees an imminent threat, how to explain that vote?

Perhaps, as is customary, he didn't have the right information.

Yawn. Has Skittles the Cat registred for a primary run against the Wizard next time? I have house plants that could do a more consistent job.

Anonymous said...

Talk about deviating from the health care issue Shirley posted, you sure are the pot calling the kettle black.

What happened to your blow by blow and commentary by commentary with your City Council meeting minutes?

Did it not go as you saw fit? LOL

The City of New Albany's blog (literally).


Anonymous said...

BTW, Shirley, how did the Council meeting go? Were you able to attend? Thanks, Anon.

The New Albanian said...

I posted the meeting commentary last Monday, when there was an actual meeting. There was no meeting tonight. 1st Monday, 3rd Thursday -- the 19th is next, I think.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for that.

FederalFarmer said...

Roger, You seem to be tired a lot. I have a spare bedroom with an air mattress if you need to get some sleep.

Anonymous said...

Wrong Roger, there is a council budget meeting @ 6pm tonight and Thursday @ 6pm.

The New Albanian said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
The New Albanian said...

I concede such, but a budget meeting tonight doesn't fit the past tense usage of the previous anonymous poster on Monday night.

It's so hard to tell you anonymous guys apart. You all look the same.

But you're right. I may even attend one of them, and lower my IQ by half just by walking into the room.

shirley baird said...

Well folks it looks like I will not be able to report on either of the budget meetings since I have plans for this evening and Thursday.

I would appreciate the help of any reader who wishes to give a report.


Anonymous said...

So you believe everything is Coffey's fault? Why aren't you on Diane's ass? She's the one who got caught driving and drinking.

Anonymous said...

Are the little people up in arms about this?

From the Tribune:

Kemper Foods International, LLC will add more than 350 jobs by 2012 through an expansion of its New Albany plant...

In July, the New Albany Redevelopment Commission signed off on backing a loan for Kemper with $625,000 of tax-increment financing money — a move also OK’d by the City Council.

That loan was for machinery to allow Kemper to hire 50 new employees by the end of 2009 and expand its operation, with New Albany on the hook for up to $625,000 if the company fails on the seven-year note.

The Indiana Economic Development Corporation also provided Kemper Foods with up to $1.1 million in performance-based tax credits and up to $145,000 in training grants based on the expansion and addition of workers.

New Albany could also entertain additional property tax abatements for Kemper Foods.

Anonymous said...

Little people. How insulting. Do you know dynamite comes in little packages, LOL.

We are not worried about tax abatements for companies bringing in more jobs and upgrading their businesses.

Surely you would have to admit there are tax abatements which should not have been given!
If you kept an eye on some you have given tax abatements to and there was some type of regulations regarding making sure the money is being used, some of them would sit better with all of us.

Still, how does Floyd County make it by without tax abatements and all of the businesses they have? Floyd County has only one - SHOTS.

But, you're the one who needs tax dollars so you can keep your job.

shirley baird said...

Kemper Foods is a good example of tax abatements being used properly. They will invest over 6 million in New Albany in addition to providing jobs for 350 people.

We need more businesses like this in the area.

We also need to keep the Indiana State University proposed campus in Floyd County.

Anonymous said...

Kemper was not given any actual tax abatements.
Our research shows in exchange for expanding, the england illegally offered the company, with out the councils approval, an expanded sidewalk outside of the building, in exchange for a lifetimes supply of free frozen jumbo shrimp.
This is an insult to the little people. We at Citizens for Absurdity demand free popcorn shrimp for the little people!
We have covert video of the deal being sealed on Baylors taxpayers patio, being signed by a pen stolen from the office of Charles Pride, on paper stolen from the Clerks office.
We have called hte United Nations Security forces regarding this, since Kemper Foods is an international llc.

The New Albanian said...

HAH! We will never yield an inch of the Taxpayers Memorial Patio to the wee ones! This means war.

Hmm, wonder if Kemper would like to be an ally? If we can find one more partner, we can be the Axis of Them People.

Anonymous said...

Then Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war!

We few, we happy few, we band of brothers; For he today that sheds his blood with me Shall be my brother; be he ne'er so vile,
This day shall gentle his condition;
And gentlemen with England and his crooked minons now-a-bed
Shall think themselves accurs'd they were not here,
And hold their manhoods cheap whiles any speaks That fought with us upon St. Denharts day.

We raise our voices in unison against thee, vile giant man, and cal out our battle cry of the little people;
" Remember thou this, elevators smell different to midgets!"

Anonymous said...

350 new jobs!

I give a Jeer to anyone who says economic development money should be used for anything other than economic development.

I’ll also give a Jeer to the Mayor if he’s not more forceful in pointing out cause-and-effect to the council.

Time for sewers to support themselves because, as Price says, people and hurting and need jobs.

The Kemper case shows what makes jobs.

Anonymous said...

Sewer repairs in New Albany provide many, many jobs. Just check the claims!!! ...with more jobs to come. How many are shovel ready? Without more sewer repairs, giving the city much needed sewer credits, there will be less economic development. Better keep using that EDIT money for sewer repairs!!! ...millions more are needed.
Also, must keep the previously pledged EDIT money for sewers, because they are promised to the many Bonds that were sold.
Wonder if anyone who had sewer backups, got sick because of it. Will the city pay for those type of health claims?

Anonymous said...

I would like to say THANK YOU and WE LOVE YOU to all of the Veterans who served and defended our country!!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Simply 1 ?. If Benedetti was on medication, why did she refuse the breathalyzer? Not picking on her, but it's simply not logical. Personally I like her and we all make mistakes.

Sounds good, though.

Anonymous said...

She was speeding and intoxicated. She tried to fake her blowing into the machine. Even thought she blew a .10, it would have been a .15 if she hadn't of faked it.

What's her defense? Two glasses of wine, or medications?

I say totally intoxicated or she would have allowed them to draw blood.

I guess that's why they call her the three B's.

Does she nit realize how stupid she is making herself look?

She needs to plead guility and admit she made a mistake.

Anonymous said...

God Bless the USA, and all the men and women fighting for us all.

Even the progressives.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of councilwoman Benedetti it may appear that she broke the law by holding a democratic caucus meeting. I wander if Progressives, with their strict adherence for and to the law, will seek prosecution or sue the city for not doing so.

Anonymous said...



The New Albanian said...

I wonder if Progressives, with their strict adherence for and to the law, will seek prosecution or sue the city for not doing so.

You make this sound as though something tantamount to a murder or rape was committed. Shall we draw and quarter someone? Burn them in oil? Or do we save those punishments for OWI?

If the heinous political crime of caucusing withot a permit is in fact illegal, and there still seems to be some doubt about this, then obviously there should be penalties ... and one commensurate with the "crime" itself.

Anyone know what that might be? I don't.

shirley baird said...

I think we have had enough discussion about Mrs. Benedetti. Why don't we leave her alone and discuss something else?

Anonymous said...

So Shirley, you think Diane B. is above the law? She's the one who got caughtr driving and drinking not us. She's an elected official and it needs to be discussed.

Now you wonder why the democrats are split in New Albany.

Leadership is leading by example not playing politics.

"Do as I say, not as I do."

Anonymous said...

The person in question is not guilty until proven so in a court of law, by a jury of her peers.
Speaking against her now, is nothing more than speculation.
I would expect that had this been you who were arrested for OWI, you would expect people to not talk about you in a forum until all of the facts surrounding the case were presented and our legal system is allowed to do what it was designed to do, correct?
Public official or not, she is still an American Citizen and as such she is afforded certain rights under the Constitution and Bill of Rights, as well as judicial codes.
Public offical or not, she is entitled to her day in court, last I checked the court of public opinion held no power in our country.