Sunday, February 6, 2011

Warren Nash

With all of the buzz about the candidates running for Mayor or City Council, one important topic has been slightly overlooked.

And that is the systematic effort to sabotage Warren Nash's career.  Mr. Nash has done a fine job as the Director of Solid Waste for several years and now for no apparent reason he was told that his services were no longer needed.

I don't know the reasoning behind this, but from what I have read there is no good reason.  If it's politics, the Democrats need to step up to the plate and defend member who has served the party for all of his life.  If it's his age, then everyone, even young people, should be up in arms  because if we live long enough we all may be subject to age discrimination.

Either way, this puts a black mark on the citizens of New Albany.


Anonymous said...

Shirley, you are right. You don't know what the reasons are. There are reasons and it has nothing to do with age or politics. For you to suggest that this is about age or politics demonstrates desperation on your part to defend something you know nothing about. Your attempt to play the age and/or politics card is what will leave a black mark on our community. Do our community a service and try not to put more black marks upon us. We have enough legitimate ones already that we have to try and erase without compounding them further with your suggestions of possible politics or age discrimination.

Anonymous said...

I don't see why the Democrats should step up to stand up for someone who served the Democrats well all his life. What about serving the PEOPLE?

I don't know Mr. Nash. I don't know what kind of job he's doing, But, as a Republican who is also interested in the well-being of New Albanians, I think that this thing of Democrats always rushing to the aid of all Democrats, no matter how inept, is precisely why our city has had, at best, mediocre leadership. I don't know why we're not talking about Mr. Nash as a great innovator, a think-outside-the-box kind of public servant who doesn't deserve to be fired. Instead, all I've read is how he's been such a great DEMOCRAT, and therefore is entitled to keep his job based on the merits of THAT! I'm glad he's been such a great Democrat. I'm sure that's a good thing. But would be his attitude toward me because I'm a Republican? Would he hire me for a key position? Would he demonstrate fairness if I asked him for help?

I wonder about all these things, especially in light of all that's come out about the parking ticket mess.

I've had the feeling all along that were Beardsley a REPUBLICAN you'd all be yelling, "Throw him the book!" or saying "What an arrogant #$%^%!

Here in this city, I've seen such favoritism shown to Democrats, and such vitriol thrown at Republicans, that I wonder if I'm welcome here (even though I'm not in any way political) just because I'm Republican.

What I'm asking of all of you is that you think through what you're really saying here. You're congratulating someone on being a fine Democrat. That's nice, but it doesn't translate into the best public service automatically.

I don't know Mr. Nash, but if he's done a really fine job, then I, too, would say that there's something wrong with this picture. If it's age discrimination, then that's certainly wrong too.

But what kind of job has he really done? I don't know. Do you?

Anonymous said...

I heard about this before it happened. I also heard "they" already "have/had" someone else slotted. Nothing bad to say about Warren Nash. Nothing but respect. He has taken a lot of guff from powers to be and has stood his ground. A good person.

shirley baird said...

@4:42 I am sorry I did not mean that Mr. Nash should be defended only because he is a Democrat. I meant that Democrats should come to his rescue.

In his position he works with a lot of people and I'm sure he does not ask their political position before he does so.

I have heard a lot of good things about him from both Democrats and Republicans.

shirley baird said...

@ 10:37

OK what are the reasons? I admitted that my comments were only conjecture.

The New Albanian said...

It all depends on what one means by Democrat and what one means by Republican at this grassroots level.

Shirley, as you're a Democrat, why not start there, and tell us what it means to be a Democratic party member?

Anonymous said...

Do any of us really know what is going on with Nash?

Anonymous said...



Interesting comments. I'm Republican too and I've noticed the same thing as 4:42. A Democrat can be doing things that are CLEARLY unethical. Everyone shuts up tight as a clam and people draw ranks around the offender. If a Republican is doing a GOOD JOB, they look, look, LOOK, even to the point of making stuff up, and then they complain very publicly about him/her. It's pretty sick. I listened to this sort of thing with Regina Overton and it left a bad taste in my mouth that I've not forgotten. Now, there's constant noise against Ed Clere, a guy that, for all intents and purposes is as clean as the newly fallen snow. It's ridiculous. I don't understand why anyone would accept the challenge of public office under such vitriol throwing (I borrow this from 4:42), and I'm amazed that some of them, including Clere, haven't just said, "Enough!"

They're bigger people than I am because I couldn't stand it.

I don't know Mr. Nash either. His name is always linked with something about Democrats or another. Doesn't seem like he ventures out beyond his comfort zone, if you know what I mean. He's a Democrat.

I like Democrats and have voted for several over the years. I like Republicans too, of course, and I wish people would just stop always trying to be so ugly whenever talking about them.

People have asked me if I'd run for mayor. You have my answer already. I couldn't take the constant beating. Obviously, then, I'm the wrong candidate.

Anonymous said...

I left a black mark in my pants

shirley baird said...

7:42 I am always hearing Democrats talk about how they should back each other more, as the Republicans do.

I guess the view is the same looking in thrugh the window, so to speak.

As far as Mr. Nash being linked to the Democrats, he is a former Democrat Mayor and former Chair of the party in Floyd County. Therefore his name has been linked to the party for many years.

shirley baird said...

All politics aside, Mr. Nash is an honorable man who is the victim of harrassment.

marcey said...

I don't know anything about mismanagment on Mr. Nash's part, but I do know that he has worked very hard to expand the operations of the Solid Waste Department. He has also done a great job of working in coordination with the City on the neighborhood clean-ups. In my opinion based on what I have seen, he has done a good job, and that has nothing to do with him being a democrat or a republican; it's called being a good public servant

Anonymous said...

Shirley, just how is Warren Nash being harassed? Have the police been contacted? Is he really being harassed or are you just pulling a democrat exaggeration? Is it simply people talking about him in an unfavorable manner just like Matt Nash does towards Price, Coffey,and others?

shirley baird said...

I only know what I hear. I have not contacted him for details. But I did hear at one of the council meetings that someone wants his job and he is being forced out. That was just a comment from one of the members and had not been verified as far as I know.

I do know that this is an ugly situation.

Anonymous said...

Shirley, you make a public claim that Mr. Nash is being harassed but you have fail to verify it? That is not only irresponsible and reckless but sounding more like you are the one trying to make this situation ugly. You’ve gone from blaming politics to age discrimination and now to harassment. What is your next desperate line of defense?

shirley baird said...

I have said what I believe. I am not the one trying to make the situation ugly. It was ugly to begin with.

I have a lot of respect for Mr. Nash and I am just trying to treat him as I would want to be treated.

white rabbit said...

I'm sorry but the job title 'Director of Solid Waste' amused me hugely.

Keep up the giood work, though.

Anonymous said...

Shirley Baird said "I have said what I believe."

So you believe it is politics, age discrimination, and that he is being harassed. And you believe this because someone told you this but you have not verified it. OMG..and your considering a run for council?